End of Summer Playlist by Polen Records

1. Los Extramuros – Haz Las Brisas (off Sasirbsam)
2. Glasford Howard – Day By Day (single)
3. Bomba Estéreo – El Alma Y El Cuerpo (off Elegancia Tropical)
4. Cero39 – Bye Bye (off Móntate En El Viaje)
5. Radio Cumbia – Cumbia, Tabaco y Ron (off De Mente Caliente)
6. Sidestepper – Justicia ft. Goyo y Lia Samantha (off 15: The Best of 1996-2011)
7. Mitú – Chalu (unreleased- coming soon…)
8. Bajotierra – Vigilante (off Los Días Adelante)
9. Mucho Indio – Cubeo (off Mucho Indio)
10. Ella Fuksbrauner – Out In The Sun (off INK)

Ay dios mio! Our besties over at Colombia’s Polen Records just compiled us a pretty hefty and spectacular 10-track compilation. So behold the indie soundscape of Polen Records, the label who houses Bomba Estéreo, Sidestepper, Cero39, Mucho Indio, Radio cumbia, and other Colombian musical gems. Here is where electropical and Caribbean fusions thrive to the max, and make the perfect soundtrack to your end of summer on this part of the continent.
As most of you await the hotly anticipated album of Bomba Estéreo, well, don’t tap your feet to fast in anticipation as we have the first single off the record to give you exclusively. Cero39, the electropidub wonderkind who graced us at this year’s LAMC gives us a hypnotic ditty off his newest release too. So, keep your eyes pealed for this guy as he’s surely going places. Add into the roster the whispery and magnificent tracks by Los Extramuros and Ella Fuksbrauner, and certainly no less Mitú, Bajotierra, Glasford Howard and Radio Cumbia, you got a pretty damn awesome compilation.
So enter the audioscapes of Polen Records’ sultry, tropical, electro, cumbia, and acoustic world –our Indie Label of the Month! And download this End Of Summer mix all for FREE!
Fuente: http://music.remezcla.com/2012/latin/end-of-summer-playlist-polen-records-free-downloads/

Bones, Drums & Bass: Crawl is 1-Man Texas Doom

Crawl is a one-man experimental sludge project from San Antonio. With his vocal mic shrouded in a parastacoidean mask, Emperor Crawl plays drum with one hand while controlling a bass string instrument made out of actual bones. He likes to build things, he says, and to run this sound through a wall of amps. The result is eloquently blackened doom with nods to Khanate's Things Viral and Sunn O)))'s Black One.